DV MPEG4 Maker

DV MPEG4 Maker 2.5

simple & useful video player
2.6.0 (See all)

Capture from your digital camcorder(1394 interface)
Real-Time Video Converter/Recorder,Directly capture/record to divx/avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/mov/psp file format .
Use MMX/SSE assemble code in kernel arithmetic,capturing speed is highly improved.
Use MPEG4 scheme,one CD can hold 180 minutes video clip with VCD quality.
Bypass AVI I/O API provide by Microsoft,capturing speed get more improved.
Use 'dynamic A/V synchronization' technology to completely solve the problem of A/V asynchronism.
Adjust Audio Time Shifting relative to Video Time.
Automatically produce divx/avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/mov/psp file name according to your system time.
Simple and Useful video player.
Long-Time Recorder(limited by your harddisk)
Pause Function.

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